Jihad is one of the most controversial topics in Islam(What is Jihad? Click HERE to know). And therefore, the rulings or ‘Fatwaas’ also differ.
Most of the scholars agree on Physical Jihad to be the most important form of Jihad.

Some again say that the first priority should go to Jihad against one’s Nafs. So, let us look at some of the rulings on declaring Jihad against something or someone.

According to Sheikh Abd Al- Azeez Ibn Baaz,
Physical Jihad or Battling is Obligatory on Four Conditions:
1.       If any person is present in BattleField where Jihad is going on: In this case, Allah says,
O ye who believe! When you meet those who disbelieve, in a battlefield, never turn your back towards them. And whoever turns his back from them on such a day, unless it is a strategy of war, or to retreat to a troop of own), - he indeed has drawn upon himself wrath from Allah.” (Surah Anfaal: 16)
2.       When an enemy attacks a Muslim land: If such a kind of incident happens, then there is a beautiful but effective ruling on that. # At first it becomes Fard e Kefaya for those nearby that Muslim land to help their brethren. If they are too weak to respond or stop the invaders, it becomes Fard e Kefaya on the countries nearby the neighboring countries, and if they are also unable to resist, then in this way, it will spread throughout the world and become Fard e Kefaya all over the Muslims. #
N.B. Fard e Kefaya means such type of obligation which if some or sufficient number of people perform, then it becomes performed for all, but if no one performs that Fard, all are guilty and sinner.

3.     If the governing ruler of a country encourages people for Jihad: If the government decides and then instructs the people for participating in Jihad for a legal reason against something illegal, then also it is obligatory upon the people to perform Jihad. In this regards Rasul (Sm.) said,
Even if an Abyssinian Slave becomes your leader by his ability, obey him.”

4.       If one is needed for a definite task and no one can do such task other than him: If it is that someone is a specialist in some sector and the Muslim Army needs him for any sort of need, it is obligatory for the person to do so.
Now, even after the ruling, why do people hesitate so much about Jihad? The answer is Media and Some of our misguided Scholars, who think of themselves as the founder of Islamic Schools (Majhab). Otherwise, the 2nd criterion is already effective in Palestine, Syria, Myanmar, Kashmir, etc. places.


And if any Muslim goes there, then he will fall under 1st criterion and then he must participate in Jihad. May Allah guide us with true knowledge.
Why Jihad is so important for the present world:
The world has faced two world wars until now and is on the verge of Third World War (It’s only a hypothesis based on recent events between the superpowers, maybe there is still much time left or maybe it is too near).
Death Children

 Under such conditions,
we need to look for a better solution than the UN because it does not allow a person of righteousness to take the right decision (They got the Veto, you see).
UN Logo

 And what could be more befitting and benefiting if each and every person turns into an individual UN? Yes, that’s possible only through Jihad.
Only and only Jihad can remove the crimes occurring all over the world. Because strict oppressors need strict ruling.

 Jihad does not give the authority to kill a person unless for a crime or suppression. So, the world would be a better place to live if every person turns into a Mujahid. Only then people will fear and think 10 times before doing a crime. In this context, as regards to how Jihad can change the world:

“The son of Hazrat Umar Ra.) once got accused of drinking wine and rape and was proven guilty. As he (Abu Shahama) was the son of Umar (Ra.), all were shocked. But Umar (Ra.) gave the punishment for 80 lashes[drinking] and 100 lashes[rape]. And the hardest lashes started. When the 180 lashes were finished, the body of Abu Shahama was there but his soul was not (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raziun).”

In the holy Quran, it is stated,

Indeed, we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.” (Surah Baqarah: 156)

May Allah guide us to understand the true meaning of Jihad and declare Jihad against all Immoralities, Corruption, and Crimes. Amen!

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