Remember our last post regarding the Significance of Ramadan? Here we are going to talk about the practical implementation of the Ayahs and Hadiths regarding Ramadan.

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A Muslim is he who surrenders his will to Almighty Allah. Now, when you submit your will, there is no option for you to not obey the commands of Allah SWT and His Rasul (Sm.). And yeah, an intelligent servant would surely understand what his master is trying to focus on and what is most pleasing to his master and he would surely work along with that. We are no different and thus, we ought to carry out certain actions regarding making the use of the month of Ramadan fruitfully.

Things to do in Ramadan if you are a Muslim

1. From Quranic verse – Surah Baqara:185, Surah Qadr, Surah Dukhan:3-6 (From the previous post)

Quran Pic

We had derived that these verses tell us the exact reason why Ramadan is so dear and favorite to Allah SWT. The Quran has been revealed this month in the Night of Qadr, and so, our first and foremost activity this month should be – Reciting the Quran.
Now, how should we recite the Quran? And How many times shall we give the Khatam e Quran? The Answers must be the practice of the Prophet PBUH. As he used to finish the whole Quran once in the month of Ramadan, we also should do once. But remember, the Non-Arabs should try to focus on the meaning of the Quran too if they don’t understand Arabic, because remember the Hadith of the Prophet sitting with Jibril (As.) in sessions of Quran? They used to review the essence of the Quran.
So, what are you waiting for? Start reading the Quran by now. Wallahi! That will be the best thing you did in a few lifetimes. And if you are already reciting the Quran? Then Focus on reciting it with meaning and Tafseer (Explanation).

2. From Hadiths (Go to the previous post for the Hadiths)

There are a couple of things you can do according to the Sahih Hadiths. Some are given below:

·         Perform an Umrah

Perform Umrah

·         Stay away from Major Sins

A Sinner

·         Pray Qiyam Ul Layl or Night Prayer, simply Tahajjud

Tahajjud (Night Prayer)

·         Engage yourself in more and more charity


·         Revise the Qur’an yourself, or with someone

Revise Quran

·         Strive more in worship during Ramadan – Pray Salat At Tarawih

Salat at Tarawih

·         Observe I’tikaf (Spiritual Retreat in a mosque) for ten days.


·         Seek the Night of Qadr

Night of Qadr

·         Ask Forgiveness from Allah every Night

Ask Forgiveness


The best thing to do in the month of Ramadan is to engage oneself in constant remembrance of Allah SWT. This month is a great opportunity to improve your soul or Nafs from Nafs e Ammara to Nafs e Mut’mainnah. Nafs e Mut’mainnah represents the soul of the pious and the dwellers of Heaven.

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May Allah grant us all the power and ability to worship amidst this Coronavirus Pandemic!

And Allah Knows the Best.

Jazakallahu Khairun!

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