Suppose, you are lost in a forest. You need to get a safe place, well, as safe as you can, to pass the night. Finding no other option, you built a tent. What are the things that keep the tent erect? Its pillars!


Welcome everyone to another post from Proceeding Towards Truth. Today, we are going to learn about the basics of Islam in details, with TRUE STORIES. So, let’s get started –
Prophet (Sm.) said, “(Iman is) That you affirm your faith in Allah, in His angels, in His Books, in His Apostles, in the Day of Judgment, and you affirm your faith in the Divine Decree about good and evil.
Each of the pillars of Islam is crucial to keep Islam functioning.

1. Iman – The Base of Everything

It is said that Iman is the ‘root’ of the tree named Islam. Iman is having faith over the basic aspects of Islam, as you all know. But let us watch the story of a person. Is that Iman? The answer is up to you!

Story of Umar

Think about this. You got up in the morning, while it is still quite dark, and you are thinking of praying the Fazr Prayer fast and getting back to your bed. This might be the case with us, the present Muslims (I’m also the same sometimes, no exception). But it wasn’t at the time of the Sahabas.  I am talking about the second Caliph of Islam – Hazrat Umar Faruq (Ra.) and his tragic death. Who could have thought about it that morning! The Caliph was leading the people in the prayer of Fazr and in the 1/2nd Rakah, the Persian slave, namely ‘Firoz’, hit the emperor of the half of the worlds with a knife from his back. In fact, he attacked Hazrat Umar so brutally that the bowels came out too. And fell the ‘Upright’, the ‘Distinguisher’ between truth and falsehood for once and forever. But the heart of Umar was still running. He had fainted. Now, what did he say while falling down? He said to appoint an Imam/When he got back his sense, what did he ask about first? ‘Salah!’ What happened to the Prayer? Was it completed rightly? Such was the Iman and faith of Umar the Faruk!

2. Salat – The Best Worship to Allah


Here is a true story about Praying Salat and Coming back to Islam from a sister ‘Meenakshi Ihskaneem.’ (We didn't change the narrative or edit the story to support originality)
I want to Share a story with all of you. I was a girl who was drunk like every night and I used to hang out with BAD people. I thought it was normal. I was born in Holland. So, I carried on came home very very very late. And then one night I had an argument with my mother about Islam. I didn’t believe!! AT ALL! I said...Well, That night I put on my laptop and my hand automatically clicked on a short movie about Allah. That night I felt something was with me and I cried (no reason) but I cried so much!!  That was the night Allah blessed me.  Now I started praying and calling Allah like 24 7. So, one night my friend called and said we’re going to a club. I was thinking ok last time I’ll go and hang out after that I will never enter a club, but as I was standing before the club I couldn’t move forward!!!!!! my feet were stuck in the ground! I suddenly hated music. My friends were shocked! I said: "NO I cannot enter the club something is holding me back." If I enter the club now, I will lose everything. My friend said ok then go home. when I came home my mom was soooooo sick I called an ambulance! and now she’s ok alhamdulillah. If I was not there at the moment she would have died.   Well, that night I was so happy I did not enter the club. So, you see PRAYER is the solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alhamdullilah Allah SWT saved me...

Video of Merciful Servant: 60 Years Without Salah 

Video: They died without Salah

3. Sawm – The Restrictor of Bad Deeds

What is Sawm? The best answer is given by the Prophet (Sm.) when he says, "Sawm is as if a Shield." And remember what Allah (SWT) says about Sawm? He says the following:


O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous - (Surah Baqarah: 183)


4. Zakat – The savior of Life

Zakat is, in fact, according to dictionaries, holiness, increase. Both of these meanings have a specialty. While the meaning holiness indicates that Zakat purifies a person's wealth and makes his money halal, the meaning increase denotes that Zakat, in fact, brings down Barakah to the person who pays it, and in turn, increases the wealth of that person.

N.B. It is only for those who are wealthy among Muslims and hold Nisab of Zakat.

The Story of Moses and a Laundryman

At the time of Hazrat Musa (As.), there lived a laundryman. He was a forgetful fellow. As a result, it would happen many a time that the cloths of one person went to another and thus, it would create much of havoc and wreckage. People gradually became sick of this laundryman and went to Moses one day to complain about him. They urged Moses to cause him to die. Moses went to Allah SWT with the request of his people. Allah told him that the laundryman would die the very next day. Moses conveyed it to his people. Thus, they were waiting for his death. When the promised time came, the people saw to their astonishment that the laundryman was alive, and nothing had happened to him in fact. Seeing this, the people became furious and asked Moses for an answer. Moses was also very much surprised, as Allah promised him the death of the laundryman. So, Moses went to the person and asked him to open his cloth bag. After opening, they found a poisonous snake inside. But there were three layers of shackle over the Snake's mouth. After opening them, Moses asked the snake about the full incident. What the snake replied is worth listening to. The snake was, in fact, an angel sent by Allah to kill the laundryman. But, when the laundryman was going to the riverside to wash clothes, a poor person asked for alms from him. He, being emotional, gave the person a piece of bread. The poor person getting the alms prayed to Allah for him, and that is when the first shackle was given automatically on the snake's mouth. In this way, three persons came to the laundryman and asked for alms. He gave away pieces of bread to each and every one. As a result, CHARITY CHANGED HIS FATE AND SAVED HIS LIFE. Subhanallah!!!

Hajj – The Forgiveness of all Sins

Hajj is to intend, to wish. In fact, to perform certain things going to the Mecca and areas around it on certain dates of the year is called Hajj. The main benefit of Hajj religiously is that the reward for an accepted Hajj is nothing else but Jannah. And, socially? The Universal Islamic Brotherhood is before you, my brothers and sisters! 

N.B. It is too, only for those who are able physically and financially.


There are other stories like these, and you can find pretty much of them. They don’t prove anything, do they? They are just basically perceptions of random people. Even then, we get teachings from them, we get to learn a lot of new things from them. The main thing is, Islam is the accumulation of all these 5 pillars. No one can think of being a Muslim without performing these 5 pillars. Having said that, today's article comes to an end.

And Allah knows the best.

Jazakallahu Khairun!

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