Peace be upon you all! Today I bring you a twisted story of a Nation. So without any further discussion, let’s get started.

When I was a child, I used to hear things like ‘Muslims are the best’, ‘You should be proud to be a Muslim’, ‘You are the dearest to Almighty’. And with that mindset, I gradually grew up. I had that dilemma even 5-6 years back. Gradually, whenever I went online, watched TV or even opened the newspaper, some things started to poke me. A word among them was quite common – TERRORIST. And I noticed to my utter horror that it was beautifully (??) attributed to only one Nation – The Muslims. This word had no other meaning than the Muslims, or we can say in a better way, it had become a synonym of Muslims. The equation was like –




And I was like – “what the hell? Are you kidding me?” That’s when I started becoming a Muslim in a true sense. I decided to change the equation and with that view, I started acquiring knowledge about Religion in a general sense. I started studying Comparative religion and engaged in reading all of the major scriptures like the Old Testament, New Testament, Tripitok, Veda, Geeta, etc. I started knowing the arguments in favor of GOD and against Him. Then, very slowly, I entered the deep of the modern world. I came to know that the sources from where I was getting information about Terrorists are the main terrorists. I came to know that BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, ROITERS don’t serve us world news; rather they serve us their news.
End Hate

And finally, I could change the equation a bit. It stood like –



But still, I needed to replace the equation fully. So, I started going to the Majlis, Mehfils, Table (I was brought up in a Sunni background, but I studied all sects to know what they are actually). What did I find in those places? I came to know with a broken heart that these scholars (with all due respect, some of them are highly profound, except those) weren’t concerned about the Greater Ummah. They are only concerned about their sect. of people, as if the rest of the Ummah all over the world hold zero value for them. Even they don’t like to be addressed as Muslims, rather they label them as Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Maududi, Kadiani, Khariji, Hanafi, Maliki, Hanbali, Shafiyee. All these hold their respective position and I take them as valid to some sort.

But: What we need to focus upon and we don’t is the Unity of Ummah.

If we stand up, not with terrorist activities like ISIS, killing innocent people – rather with knowledge and wisdom in all fields of modern technology, Wallahi no one can backdate us.

When I first heard about the New Zealand attack and saw the live streaming, I was shocked for a while. The blood started getting warm and warmer. I thought of doing so and so and so. Then, I remembered the famous Hadith (s) of Rasulullah (Sm.),
“When you are angry, keep silent” (Musnad Ahmad: 329)

“The strong person is not he who defeats one in wrestling; rather it is he who can control himself in times of danger” (Al Bukhari and Muslim)

After cooling down, I started watching the reactions of different Muslim personalities like Mufti Menk, Ali Dawah, Ardowan, and channels like Merciful Servant, and understood the main reason behind this attack – The root cause of Islam phobia – Division of Ummah.


I will present some of the things which never make a Headline in the World Media. At first, see this famous one:


This is my point. I exactly want to focus light on it. Islam is not a terroristic religion, it has been made so. Muslims are not terrorists, they have been labeled as. Muhammad (Sm.) is not the greatest Terrorist ever, he (Sm.) has been accused of.

Otherwise, whenever a Muslim even kills a hen, it becomes brutal or even Terrorism. Islam becomes an animal killing religion. But what type of judgment is this that when a non- Muslim kills a person even, he/she is only said to be an extremist, left-wing, right-wing, blah blah blah, etc. but never as a TERRORIST. Why is that?

Some say that Muslims use their religion for doing such things. That is why they are terrorists. Look at these things then, which were never labeled as terrorism only because they are being done by NON-MUSLIMS:
1.       New Zealand Attack: When ISIS kills one person even (I completely condemn all such terrorist activities by any organization, be it ISIS or Al –Qaeda, just presenting the comparison) it makes the Headline in the News as TERRORISM and who is blamed? MUSLIMS. But when with the same agenda a White blood Terrorist kills 49 people at two different mosques and injures many others, it is only an extremist, racist, supremacy act?!!! We do not agree that this particular person represents Christianity, but then why do we agree that ISIS represents ISLAM? (Though New Zealand Prime Minister stands apart for her praiseworthy stand)
2.       Chinese Concentration Camp: China, the so-called communist country has detained Millions of Muslims in the concentration camp. All of the Muslims belong to the Uighur Community. No one has raised a voice or neither it is discussed as a Fly killed by a Muslim is. Only Turkey stands apart always for its strong stand for the Muslims.
3.       Muslims killed in Mali: Over 130 Muslims have been killed recently in Mali of Africa. No one seems to give a damn shit over it only because they are Muslims.
4.       Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims in Kosovo: During the period March 24, 1999, to June 19, 1999, approximately 10,000 people were killed, with the vast majority of the victims being Kosovo Albanians killed by FRY forces. Approximately 863,000 civilians sought or were forced into refuge outside Kosovo and an additional 590,000 were internally displaced. There is also evidence of widespread rape and torture, as well as looting, pillaging, and extortion.
5.       Quebec City Mosque shooting: 6 people were killed and 19 were injured. Though the president termed it a Terrorist act, no charges were brought against the committer.
6.       Chad Massacre: Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in anti-Muslim riots in southern Chad.
7.       The main Mosque in Lhasa was burned down by Tibetans and Chinese Hui Muslims were violently assaulted by Tibetan rioters.
8.       On 11 October, 2017 Rebels killed at least 25 Muslims inside a mosque in the town of Kembe in south-central Central African Republic.
9.       In February 1897 Cretan Muslim civilians were murdered by local Christians in the prelude to the Greco-Turkish War of 1897.
10.   Recent massacres in Burma, India, Palestine (Ongoing), Syria (Ongoing) show the level of extreme hate for the Muslims.

Yet, none of these are termed to be TERRORIST acts or makes a Major Headline.
Check out HERE and HERE to know in details about the Islam phobic Massacres and Killings.

Let’s Focus:
My job is not to write against East or West. My job is to write about Humanity. And today, my brothers and sisters, humanity is at stake.
For: A sound world can never attribute a particular terminology to a particular nation only due to their belief, their Shahadah.

So, what do we do now?
The only solution: BE UNITED and Rise With All, because we don’t believe in Rise Above All. We, the Muslims, never ruled people’s land or territory, we ruled their Hearts.

HOW? Let’s look at an example:
When the Crusaders had defeated the Muslim army and came to Jerusalem, they prosecuted the Jews even along with the Muslims. But afterward, when Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi conquered Jerusalem, he showed an extreme act of Forgiveness and gave all their rights to live and perform own religions.

So, it is high time we did something for the Greater Ummah. Organizations like OIC, Muslim Brotherhood, and PLO are not enough. Mere statement giving can never be the feature of a strong organization. We should become an organization individually.

From all of the above discussions, I think we all got a goose-bump about what to do. If we don’t rise, we will be wiped off the face of the earth. Only true knowledge can save Islam from Islam phobia.
If you liked my message and have any feelings for this falling Nation, whether you are a Muslim, non-Muslim or atheist, Share this post to give an Awakening Call to the Ummah!

I will be back with a very interesting topic of Islamic Shariah: The property distribution for Women in Islam. Till then, stay blessed. May Allah Protect Us All! AMEN!

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